About Me

I am a film and media composer and instrumentalist from Budapest, Hungary. Workaholic, music lover, film lover. See my projects below.
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This is how i work


My Mission
With every new piece of music I strive to compose the best music I have ever written to enhance, enrich and deepen the viewing experience of any cinematic creation


My Goals
I will be thrilled to listen and learn about your project and offer flexible revision opportunities as we work through the stages of our collaboration


Why Me?
Looking for affordable, yet high added value, original scores and a fast and easy-to-follow online workflow? Look no further!


Csóré (independent short film) – Lullaby

Ki nevet a végén? (Guess Who?) – trailer music

Eleven – mystical short scene including body painting

Downtown Tale – independent short

Apokalipszis (Apocalypse) – independent short movie

Westworld Scoring Competition – entry

AKIM – ending scene and end credits

Lynn – game music

Stargirl Competition – entry

Fm Scoring Competition – Entry

Magazine Program – commercial program intro

Vörös Rébék – full independent short movie

Anaphora – dance music

Nem ismerlek (I Don’t Even Know You) – independent short – bed scene

Unknown – independent short horror

Vörös Rébék – trailer music

Diabolica – channel intro

Vörös Rébék – main title

Popular music